Wednesday, 23 January 2013

True RNG (part 2)

I've added an Ethernet Shield to the Arduino that controls my egg-timer based RNG.

It's logging about 52kb per second (420000 bits per second or thereabouts) over a UDP port to my clunky old Acer netbook running CrunchBang linux (which is an awesome OS by the way).

I used "netcat" (a standard linux tool) to dump the raw binary UDP packets to a file on the linux box's hard disk for later analysis.  I tested a 300kb file of random garbage against a few of the DieHarder tests.

It's passed the small number of tests I've subjected it to so far.

I'll flog it a bit more and see if I can get the high score higher than 5%.

But a pass is a pass, right?

Fun :)

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  1. I built a similar thing in 2008-09. The hack-a-day post is still available, and its website died, but I just reincarnated it here.